The Seminar on Musical Semiology of the National University of Mexico (UNAM) is a multidisciplinary research group, whose objectives include the study of the main methods, techniques and systems of music analysis and criticism that have been developed on semiological basis.

Founded in April 1995, the Seminar on Musical Semiology has the recognition of the Mexican Semiotic Association and the International Research Project on Musical Signification. It has gained recognition and support from several Faculties and Research Institutes of the UNAM, and is regularly visited and advised by eminent scholars and specialists in the area, such as Heloísa de Araújo Duarte V., François Delalande, Ruth HaCohen, Robert Hatten, David Lidov, François-Bernard Māche, Luca Marconi, Raymond Monelle, Jean-Jacques Nattiez, Herman Parret, Gino Stefani, Philip Tagg and Eero Tarasti.

From 1996 up to now it has a special support from the Programa de Apoyo a Proyectos de Investigación of the UNAM, in order to carry out its academic work.

Among the national institutions that have collaborated with the Seminar on Musical Semiology are the National School of Music and the Faculty of Philosophy and Literature of the UNAM, the National Center for Music Research and Documentation (CENIDIM), the Colegio de México and the Estudio Bartok.

Due to the profile of its members, its academic interests and aims, the Seminar on Musical Semiology has become a forum for academic discussion that is quite unique in Latin America.

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Seminario de Semiología Musical
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